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May 27th, 2013:

To the Fishing Enthusiast,

Thank you for stopping in and visiting our Web Site, feel free to browse around, please check back often as we are still working on updating and adding information in all sections.

Please download a copy of our 2012-13 Catalogue Brochure for your personal reference, don't forget, it's best viewed at 100%.

We are also pleased to provide to you some of our Company History, and Catalogue reference information on our complete product line as follows.

Lindquist Bros. Bait Co. Ltd - Legendary Lures

It all started out as a Boyhood Dream - "Canadian Wiggler" is a very unique quality fishing lure, being the World's Only Hollow Metal Fishing Lure, Made Of Brass. It is unlike any other fishing lure on the market today, because of it's unique Hollow Metal construction, which ensures almost indestructible quality. This along with it's Tantalizing fish catching action and Glittering colour patterns, account for it's enduring popularity with fishermen around the World.

1) Canadian Wiggler - Original Series - Page 1 of the Catalogue Brochure

The very first "Canadian Wiggler" introduced over 60 years ago, was Model No. CW - Casting & Trolling - 3 " - oz., which proved to become a instant success with fisherman resulting in the addition of both Smaller and Larger Models as illustrated for all fishing conditions and waters. The two Jointed Models were later introduced in the early 1980's. All models are used very extensively in our home waters for Walleye, Pike, Bass and Muskie with the very same success all across Canada, including Trout & Salmon where these species are located. "Canadian Wiggler" - For All Game Fish is The Lure That Endures And Withstands The Test Of Time - Canada's Legendary Lure.

2) Canadian Wiggler - Rattler Series - Page 1 of the Catalogue Brochure

This model series features the popular "Original Series" models - World's Only Hollow Metal Lure - Made Of Brass however, WITH RATTLES. As a Hollow Brass Metal Lure, the inclusion of Rattles provides the very loudest Rattle possible, for a greater attraction for All Game Fish. An outstanding Dinner Bell Ring. The Ratter Series are available in five lure models and sizes including two Jointed models.

3) Canadian Wiggler - Sparkle Plus Series - Page 1 of the Catalogue Brochure

Another addition to the very popular "Original Series" that was introduced in the early 1990's. This model is a further extension of the Hollow Brass Metal lures, however now incorporating a HAMMERED FINISH , for Extra Sparkle and Glitter for greater attraction in all water conditions. This model is truly the Sparkling Gem of all lures, available in two models and in two brilliant Silver and Brass Shiner finishes.

4) Canadian Wiggler - Red Line Series - Page 2 of the Catalogue Brochure

This is a new series we just introduced for the 2005 Season, featuring 4X Extra Strong Red Treble Hooks , with Brilliant Holographic images. The lure is the same famous "Original Series", however now upgraded to current day standards.

5) Cisco - The Look Alive Lure - Page 3 of the Catalogue Brochure

This spoon has the Action Of A Wounded Herring (Cisco), and has proven to be very successful for all game fish because of it's erratic action. Available in four model sizes and a variety of twelve colour combinations and is ideal for Casting and Trolling.

6) Cisco King - Page 3 of the Catalogue Brochure

This is a new design series which we just introduced late last year. This new lure has already proven very effective on the west coast of Canada for Trout & Salmon and the Great Lakes region. This model features a 4X Extra Strong Red Treble Hook, with a Extra Strong Siwash Hook included in every package. Available in six color combinations including Brilliant Holographic and currently comes in three different sizes.

7) Cisco Swimin' Minnow - Page 4 of the Catalogue Brochure
This Original Forged Solid Brass lure was introduced for the 2005 Season, to compliment our product line offering and entry into the winter ice fishing market. However, with it's life like characteristics resembling that of a live minnow, it is equally effective for Jigging and Casting in all seasons. Each package features a Extra Single Hook for fisherman's preference and is available in six colour combinations.

8) Cisco Flipper - Page 4 of the Catalogue Brochure

Another product design that we just introduced has a distinctive Twirling and Flipping action and is geared for Spin Casting and Jigging for Summer, Winter - All Seasons and All Waters including lakes, streams, rivers. This lure is ideal for all fish varieties and is available in six colour combinations.

9) Canadian Wiggler Rattler - Hologram Two Pack - Page 5 of the Catalogue Brochure

This pack is what we term as "Your 2 In 1 Power Pak" , the only Pak any fisherman will ever need for any fishing trip. It is inclusive of our Model - CWR - Canadian Wiggler Rattler - 3 " - 9/16 oz. with Hologram Finish thus providing a outstanding combination of appearance and the loudest "Dinner Bell Rattler Ring" possible.

The second lure in this package is our New Cisco King - Model - CKK - 4" - 5/8 oz., which is an outstanding new lure that has subtle side to side motion and comes in excellent fish catching finishes.

Two Outstanding Lures In One Pack. These are shown on Page 5 and are Model No.'s TP1 thro TP6. You will note also on Page 5 that we offer this two pack in four other combinations, all inclusive of the Canadian Wiggler Rattler with it's Holographic Image Design - they are No.'s TP11 - TP12 - TP13 and TP14. All of these two packs offer the fisherman the best combination for any fishing need - all in one pack.

10) Action Pak By Canadian Wiggler - Page 6 of the Catalogue Brochure

These Action Paks have been designed to deliver both Quality and Value. All Paks Offer 3 Lures Plus One (1) Free Lure. Model No.'s AP1 thro AP5 were first introduced earlier this year, all of which offer our popular Cisco lure with each pack targeted for various fish species. We have a custom designed pack to suit your needs.

We have recently introduced three new numbers - AP11 - AP12 and AP13 to compliment the earlier packs and to offer All Season products.

It's our continuing commitment to provide the Very Best Product and Service at the Very Best Price.


Lindquist Bros. Bait Co. Ltd.
Walter W. Lindquist

Written By: Canadian Wiggler
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Lindquist Bros. Bait Co. Ltd - Legendary Lures
May 27th, 2013

To the Fishing Enthusiast, Thank you for stopping in and visiting our Web Site, feel free to browse around,..
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