Action Pak - Geared For The Serious Fisherman

Action Pak By Canadian Wiggler, featuring Cisco targeting various Fish Species, including -

AP1 - Walleye
AP2 - Pike
AP3 - Salmon & Trout
AP4 - Bass
AP5 - All Game

Action Pak By Canadian Wiggler, features the Best Of All Products including -

AP11 - Casting & Trolling
Models - CWS, No. 3 and CKK

AP12 - Ice Fishing & Jigging
Models - SMA, SMB and SMC

AP13 - Casting & Trolling
Models - CKK, CKK, CKK

Each Package contains a Free Lure - No. 2C

Canadian Wiggler Rattler Hologram - Two Pack, featuring Canadian Wiggler Rattler and Cisco King- Available in the following packs -

TP1 - Chartreuse & Blue
TP2 - Blue & Chartreuse
TP3 - Red & Chartreuse
TP4 - Black & Chartreuse
TP5 - Fluorescent Green & Fluorescent Orange
TP6 - Fluorescent Orange & Black

Canadian Wiggler Rattler Hologram Two Packs - Available in the following packs -

TP11- Models - CWRH and SRH

TP12 - Models - CWRH and No. 3

TP13 - Models - CWRH and SMB

TP14 - Models - CWRH and CFA

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February 11th, 2018

To the Fishing Enthusiast, Thank you for stopping in and visiting our Web Site, feel free to browse around, please check back often as we are still working on updating and adding information in all..
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